call for proposals-special sessions


You are invited to join the 21st Triennial World Congress of the International Ergonomics Association: IEA 2021 in Vancouver Canada, June 13 to 18.

This will be the most significant Human Factors and Ergonomics Event of the Year. 

We invite participation from researchers and practitioners from around the world. 

The call for Special Session proposals is open from March 31, 2020 to June 26, 2020.


Each Special Session is for a single 90-minute slot.

Special sessions could include any one of a number of formats and topics. For example:

     1) A Workshop: Aimed at sharing specific knowledge and engaging the audience to develop their skills.

     2) A Symposia: A collection of at least 4 Papers, possibly with a group discussion element. Recruitment of papers to symposia is the coordinators’ responsibility. Symposia which extend over multiple 90-minute time slots are possible. If you expect to require multiple 90-minute slots for your symposium, please contact the IEA2021 Technical Program Chairs as soon as possible to discuss options.

     3) A Debate: Two teams are asked to argue for opposite sides of a ‘proposition’

     4) A Panel Discussion: A group of knowledgeable participants talk about a given issue. Could have an emphasis on each panellist addressing the same specific question. Add the word “interactive” if audience participation is intended. Panel participants are defined in advance by the coordinators.

     5) An HFE-x session: Inspired by TEDx conferences, this is a set of short talks on HFE topics (HFE ideas worth talking about), but with broader scope than a research or practice paper. The traditional TEDx format allows for at most 18 minutes per speaker, with no audience question and answer period, although you can suggest other formats.

     6) Pecha Kucha session. Each Pecha Kucha uses a storytelling format including 20 slides for 20 seconds commentary each, providing a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds per presentation.

     7) Other: Suggest an interesting event, a simulation, a “game-show” event, or some other activity that participants might be interested in.


Special session organisers are responsible for recruiting participants and reviewing paper submissions as needed. Note that symposia require a minimum of 4 papers accepted to the conference. In addition to session organiser recruitment, individual authors may submit their individual relevant ORAL presentation proposal to symposium organisers.

Please inform the Technical Program co-chairs (Patrick & Nancy) of your intent to run a special session as early as possible so we can help you coordinate.

HOW TO:  Submit a proposal of no more than 800 words for each special session on EasyChair’s IEA2021 platform, divided into two parts (proposal template):

     1) A paragraph (or 2) to be shared with conference participants on the conference APP (eg. a public advertisement), and

     2) a private note to the Technical Program co-chairs about the intent and needs for hosting this session. This should include if your proposal requires more than one 90-minute session.

If you plan to include specific presenters during this special session, who are these people and how will each of them contribute to the session as a whole?

If your Special Session proposal is accepted, you will be named as organiser of this session and will be responsible for ensuring appropriate participants are part of it. (If you desire it, your special session may be an option within the call for individual proposals opening June 26, 2020.)


Each proposal for a special session will be evaluated on 4 criteria:

     - Interest for attendees

     - Potential scientific rigor

     - Submission clarity

     - Importance to attendees

Please include sufficient detail to allow evaluation of these. Note that there is limited space in the program for special sessions and this will affect the total number of special events we can include.

IEA2021 Technical Program co-chairs will evaluate Special Session proposals.


     ● Call for Special session proposals – opening March 31, 2020 – closing June 26, 2020

     ● Special session evaluation results available – July 3, 2020

Please note that a separate call for individual Oral and Poster presentation proposals will follow, opening June 26, 2020 and closing September 25, 2020.