Technical program general information

The Technical program of IEA2021 is evolving to provide truly exciting learning and networking opportunities for the Human Factors and Ergonomics (HFE) community around the world. The program includes elements for both researchers and practitioners, and for new career professionals to senior experts across the range of HFE domains. We are also reaching out to allied groups such as engineering, healthcare and quality.

The theme of the 2021 Congress, “HFE (Human Factors and Ergonomics) in a Connected World, L’ergonomie 4.0”, speaks to the role of emerging G5 technologies to human applications at work and play in helping to improve human performance and well-being. Equally important is the application of HFE to the effective design of emerging technologies. Of course, while the program will feature theme-related sessions, the Congress will cover the full breadth of traditional and emerging HFE topics and applications.

This 5-day conference will feature more than 10-parallel 90-minute sessions, covering a variety of technical content while including time for networking and exploring beautiful Vancouver BC. Each day will begin with plenary sessions featuring renowned keynote speakers to inspire attendees. 

We have formed an international scientific committee comprising over 80 individuals representing the IEA Technical Committees and experts from 29 countries across the globe from North and South, Europe and Asia, developed and developing economies. We thank them for their active participation and input.  

There are two distinct Calls for Proposals. This first Call is for Special Sessions proposals. The second Call, planned for June, will be for Researcher or Practitioner Presentation (Oral / Poster) Proposals.

A. Special Sessions

The Call for Special Sessions is now open and will close June 26. We invite proposals from those interested in organizing specials sessions to submit their ideas per the instructions. Consider assembling world experts in your field to explore and advance the state-of-the-art. Currently, we expect to incorporate sessions that represent existing meetings such as the 7th International Digital Human Modelling Symposia and collaborative sessions with allied societies such as the International Society for Quality in Health Care

B. Researcher or Practitioner Presentations (Papers / Posters)

While we expect robust response from the academic and research community to the second Call for Presentations, special emphasis will be placed on attracting applied papers to complement scientific research and theoretical papers. Practitioners and consultants are encouraged to participate in IEA2021! We have established a separate “applied cases” practitioner stream that will be evaluated using criteria tailored to applied contributions. Submissions of as little as a 2-page extended abstract, are acceptable without the requirement for an extended Proceedings paper. This stream aims to foster communication and learning amongst practitioners, as well as fostering communication between researchers and those applying research in real settings. We believe these tailored requirements will encourage practitioners to share their experiences and projects with the international community. We look forward to learning from those working at the front lines of HFE in practice! 

Further, the Congress technical program committee regards both oral and poster presentations to have equivalent standing. We are planning for more effective interactions of posters.

There will be opportunities to publish posters in the Congress Proceedings or journals.

Stay tuned: The Call for Proposals for Researcher or Practitioner Presentations (Papers/Posters) is scheduled for June 26.